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Athens Greece




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Email: info@dimitriseconomou.com

Dimitris Economou Interiors is a firm that has been based in Athens for more than 20 years. Since opening Dimitris Economou and Eleni Margeti have focused on developing close working relationships with their clients. Regardless of the degree of involvement required, the team promises to create the environment that appeals to their clients senses and fully serves the desired functionality. Working for in-house projects as well as for major companies, restaurants, bars, mega clubs, hotels, cruise ships, stores, spas and residences, Dimitiris and Eleni are ever-focused on there clients’ needs and meet them through an honest, interactive process.

They both share a keen instinct for urban culture, a passion for fashionable alluring places and an evolving desire to search for new finishes, forms and materials to create interiors full of freshness, luxury and energy.